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The Dutch are export experts including caravan exports!

Nederland: exportland bij uitstekOOK VOOR CARAVANSThe Netherlands boasts the highest number of caravans per head of population of any country in Europe. In this nation of 16 million people, there are approximately 450,000 caravans. Each year, approximately 20,000 new caravans are sold, and sales are expected to remain stable in the coming years.


Each year, approximately 7,000 caravans are taken off the roads. The consequences are plain to see: each year, dealers based in the Netherlands need to sell more used caravans. For a variety of reasons, this is a worrying trend not only for the caravan dealer, but also for the caravan owner who is faced with plummeting trade-in-values.

The solution, which can benefit all parties, is easy: EXPORT.

Europe-wide, there is a growing demand for good and, above all, cheap second-hand caravans. The Dutch caravan market is awash with caravans built between 1975 and 1995. Dealers based in the Netherlands are certainly not jumping for joy at the thought of having to trade in caravans from this period. Worse still: they are prepared to offer caravan owners a ‘bonus’ if they purchase a new caravan, provided they do not trade in their 10-year-old caravan. As a result, caravan dealers are unwittingly fuelling the private sales market: the very practice that they are trying to discourage in other areas.


In countries such as Poland, Romania and Hungary, there are budding entrepreneurs keen to establish caravan dealerships. This situation is comparable to developments in the recreational sector in the Netherlands from 1960 onwards. Fortunately, Dutch and overseas caravan entrepreneurs are increasingly joining forces. This export module is designed to stimulate the export market, thereby reducing the number of second-hand, older caravans in the Netherlands, welcoming back Dutch consumers wishing to trade in their caravans, and offering overseas entrepreneurs the opportunity to start up and expand their caravan enterprises. The average price of caravans destined for export is expected to increase as a result of rising prosperity in the new EU countries.


Administratively, the exporting of caravans from the Netherlands is comparatively straightforward. Dutch caravan dealers can arrange the administrative paperwork online. A number plate is printed, enabling the exporter to transport the caravan free of charge throughout the EU for a limited time.

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